Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ conventplacstg July 29, 2022
What are business hours at Convent Place?

Convent Place has defined regular business hours as Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. The main entry doors to the building will remain unlocked during these hours. Before and after these hours, you and your guests/clients must use your tenant or guest access codes to enter the building. The building is locked throughout the weekend and also on most observed holidays.

Where can I park?

Tenants have the non-exclusive use of the parking lots along with the landlord and other tenants of Convent Place. This non-exclusive use includes the upper and lower large parking lot on the front and side of the building and the parking spaces adjacent to the rear of the building. Anything beyond the rear of the building is St. Bernard Academy property, and vehicles are subject to be towed.

The landlord has designated “visitor” spots adjacent to the front and side of the building that are RESERVED ONLY for tenant clients or visitors to Convent Place and The Village Chapel. Handicap Parking is available at the front of the building facing 21st Avenue, nearest our handicap ramp and elevator lobby entrance. Each tenant and their employees will receive a parking credential tag to hang on the rearview mirror of their vehicle and be visible at all times. Tenants failing to display their parking tag are subject to being towed at the landlord’s discretion.

What about keys and building acccess codes?

The landlord will furnish each tenant with one (1) key for the main entrance to the building and two (2) keys to their suite, as well as confidential access codes for tenant and tenant guests to be used outside regular business hours to access the building.

Convent Place will furnish each tenant and their respective employees with separate, exclusive access codes for security and safety. In addition, tenants will be assigned a specific guest/client access code. It is the tenant’s responsibility to notify the landlord when they have changes to employees or client/guest relationships so the landlord may update the access codes as needed. Under no circumstances is a tenant, its agents, or employees allowed to post publicly, privately, or distribute electronically any of the security codes furnished by the landlord. We request tenants use the utmost care to guard the security, privacy, and safety of the building and landlord at all times.

How do I get additional keys or access codes?

Additional keys will be provided at a charge of $10 per key by the landlord. These must be requested by the tenant or an authorized representative through our Appfolio online maintenance portal or direct communication with the landlord’s Client Services Manager. For larger tenant suites over 300 SF, extra keys will be furnished at no additional charge. All keys will remain the property of the landlord and must be returned at the end of the lease term.

Convent Place will furnish access codes to new employees. Please do not pass existing codes from current employees to new employees. If you require additional access codes, please send the employee’s name, email, and phone number to the Client Services Manager. Until a new code is received, please have the employee use your previously assigned guest code.
What if I am locked out?

If a tenant is locked out of their suite outside regular business hours (Monday through Friday, 8 am – 5 pm) or on a non-business day (Saturday, Sunday, or holiday), and the landlord is needed to unlock a suite, please get in touch with the Convent Place Client Services Manager (615)-948-3490 or, to make arrangements to access the building. Convent Place will charge a lock-out fee of one hundred and 00/100 Dollars ($100.00).

Do I have access to a mailbox?

The United States Postal Service delivers to our mailroom on the first floor in the northwest corner of the building near the handicapped entrance. Each tenant suite is assigned one mailbox. Federal law requires tenants to contact the local US Post Office in Hillsboro Village to activate mail service and obtain a key to their assigned mailbox. Please take a copy of your lease agreement to set up your mailbox. Also note that under law, Convent Place cannot access any mailboxes.

What about packages?

If you are expecting a package, UPS, Fed-Ex, and USPS may deliver it directly to your suite; however, depending on the carrier, they may also deliver either to the mailroom or one of the tables in the front lobby. Please confirm specific delivery instructions with your carrier before shipment, as Convent Place is not responsible for lost packages.

How do I submit a maintenance request?

Please use your APPFOLIO online account, where you pay your rent each month, to submit a work order for any repairs to your suite or common areas. If you are unsure how to do this and need assistance, please get in touch with the Convent Place Client Service Manager.

How often is the building cleaned?

Our janitorial service is in the building on Monday and Friday. However, if you see that an area requires attention or restocking, please get in touch with the Convent Place Client Services Manager.

What about common areas? Can I put chairs outside my office for guests?

The landlord will place furniture and accessories throughout the common areas of the building, following current fire safety guidelines for commercial buildings. Tenants are not allowed to place any furniture, decorative elements, or other items around or against their suite in the halls, corridors, or in any of the common areas in the building.

The landlord will remove any items left in these areas, and the cost of removal will charged to the tenant.

Can I change things in my suite? The paint? The lights?

Tenants must obtain written approval from the landlord to make any cosmetic changes or modifications to their suite. These changes include paint color, flooring, lighting, electrical, etc. Please refer to your lease for further information.

What about signage for my suite?

Upon approval by the landlord, tenants may install a sign outside their suite that displays their company name/logo and suite number as long as it is no larger than 18” wide by 12” tall.

Can I sublease my space?

Yes, but only with written approval from the landlord. Contact the Convent Place Client Services Manager if you are interested in subletting, and they will assist you with the process.

Why do I need to provide my own liability insurance?

The landlord carries an extensive liability insurance policy for the entire building. Still, this policy does not extend to the area inside your specific suite. Obtaining a liability policy protects you in the event of an accident inside your suite and is a wise business practice. Check your lease for more information as to the amount of coverage required.

What are CAM fees? Why do you charge them?

Your lease allows the landlord to charge a percentage of the costs to fund the administration, maintenance, repairs, and cleaning of our 13,000+ square feet of common area at Convent Place, including the elevator, security systems, common area kitchen(s), and bathrooms. In addition, all utility costs for the building (suites and common areas) are paid by the landlord and are not included in each tenant’s lease cost. All these expenses collectively are referred to as common area maintenance charges or “CAM.”

The tenant’s pro-rata share of CAM charges is calculated by the tenant’s leasable square footage of their space, divided by the building’s total leasable space, and then multiplied by the CAM rate determined for that year. Our current lease provides up to a 15% increase in the CAM rate per year. We anticipate increasing the fees each year for the foreseeable future to help bridge the gap between the amount collected from CAM and the actual CAM expenses.

An invoice will be distributed to each tenant in February of each year. It will include the specific information based on your suite and the amount you owe for CAM. Tenants will have up to 60 days to pay the annual CAM invoice in full.