Appfolio Portal
Appfolio Portal 3 conventplacstg July 29, 2022
Tenant Login

This will take you to the tenant portal side of Appfolio where you can access your account to pay your rent or add a maintenance request, etc. 

Download the Appfolio Mobile App

You can add Appfolio to you iPhone using this Appstore Link. Have your account available on the go! 

Questions about Appfolio?

This link will help you navigate questions you may have on Appfolio. It is directly through their website and has a wealth of information. Make sure you scroll down the page past the blue slide to see the questions listed. 

Making a one-time payment on Appfolio

Here you will find instructions on how to pay a specific amount on the Appfolio tenant portal: 

Go to payment section and click PAY NOW

On the next screen choose the CONTINUE button

On the How Would You Like to Pay Click Card or Echeck, whichever you choose.

Enter your card or account information and then it will step you through the payment process

Always make sure at the end of the page you click DONE. If this is not clicked the process will not go though.